Real Superpowers

Women get their superpowers when they turn into a mom, but specifically which powers do they get? A child has the answer!

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Night of Ascension, or Mehraj, is the magical journey that actually took place and everyone else can be a part of it if they only practice the five Salah each day.

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Shriveled is a poem on Post traumatic experience & self assessment of a battered wife after the psychological abuse is over. The fight however is real and lasts much longer

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When I was Burning

Reality based recollection of a survivor of psychological abuse translated into a poetic formation to show the injustice she suffered as “burning”

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Appreciating Self-Worth

What is self-worth and how can educational institutes help appreciate children as the grow up because their perception of themselves help shape their future

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Finding Inner Peace

Making a decision about tough choices is difficult especially when the consequences are grave and ghastly. So, here is a though process you can try

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