There are real superpowers in our world…

I think all kids will agree that mothers have these superpowers. In fact you don’t have to be a kid to acknowledge this, its like a common phenomenon that mother’s have a built-in homing device of some sort and a certain level of healing power too… but as my kid pointed out, there are actually 5 basic super powers that I have, hence all moms have.

Finding the Lost

You will be looking for something for 5-10 mins and cave in proclaiming what you are looking for is lost, but your mom will find go and look for it in the same zone and return with a scowl shoving it in your hand and bumble something along the lines of “buttons instead of eyes”. You, on the other hand will look puzzled and may even throw your hands in the air saying “but it wasn’t there!”.

How many times has this happened with you?

Your kids claiming to have lost something, or can’t find something you ask and then mom recovering it in seconds?


Multitasking Flash

You will be told to do 3 chores and you will do them all in perhaps 2 hours.

But how many times have you witnessed that your mother will flashforward herself into a Mach 4 speed and do the same 3 chores in 7 minutes?

You will no doubt hear your mom mumble “lazy bones” or “only good at sleeping” about your speed functionality. But seriously, doesn’t she do like 10 things in 10 minutes and then do more in another few seconds?

Superpower? Adrenaline rush? Or is she Flash from DC world?


Fortune Teller

“Be careful”


“I don’t want to clean any spills”

Few moments later…

Well… you know what I mean right? Its not necessarily a spill that you mom will somehow know about, it will be you missing the school bus next day or staining your new shirt or even getting a constipation from something…

Somehow, this mom creature always knows what’s gonna happen! Darn her fortune telling skill! So useful, yet so… irritating, no?


Taste Enhancer

All food is just food, eaten from her hands is a whole different story.

The taste enhances magically when mom feeds you dinner.

You cook a meal, its just a meal – but wait till she cooks one, then you’ll comprehend the full impact of what enhancements she can stir up just by adding ingredients with her hand.

Amazing superpower indeed.



Time heals, yes?

But a mother can heal everything much faster. That hug, the blow of air on the knee… the warm pat on the back… I mean how?

How does she magically lessen the pain of an injury? Its scientifically impossible! Unless… we bring in the power of the oldest force that exists; Love.


So, do you agree with the above superpowers a mother has? How many more have you experienced other than these?


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