Everyone seems to be suffering from hair loss, or hair fall, heck even I am!

I am not sure when it started for me, but it can start at any age and for any one. Some say its the stress, some blame their shampoo, I blame my conditioner, my sister blames bad food i think :/

The point is… a person can start losing hair at any stage, whether its pregnancy or just old age or family history – if its gonna happen, its gonna happen. So what’s the cure?

What if I told you the solution to hair fall was easy, free and totally worth a try? Convinced? nah… you’re probably thinking ok just get on with it and stop beating around the bush.

How about you actually pay attention now. The solution is… you brush your hair 100 strokes a day.

That’s it.

That was the best way to solve your hair fall dilemma.

Brush or comb your hair 100 times. My mom knows someone who has always had short hair and now at an age of beyond 50 she has long hair… apparently she just brushes hair 100 strokes a day.

My mom tried and well, let’s just say in 3 days she was not collecting hair after her shower. For me, the hair stopped falling on day 1.

I no longer curse my conditioner. I no longer stress over the first time combing after the shower. Oh and in case you are wondering… I’ve suddenly stopped shedding hair all over the floor morning, noon, evening and night.

Could it be genetics? No. Its common sense.

The brushing or combing is like a subtle massage for the scalp and 100 strokes gives it enough courage to maybe realise that we care about our hair.

I was skeptical initially before i tried because I have always felt that the more you brush or comb, the more oily the scalp will become and then I’d need a shower… and what happens then? Yes, more hair fall, first comb after shower and you’re just collecting the hair.

Anyway, what’s the harm in giving this little advice a try? If you find this advice useful, please share it freely. I am.

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