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Zahra Habib was first noticed as a writer at age 10 by her grandmother, who read her essay titled ‘My classroom’ and couldn’t stop laughing.

Although she loves to write novels, Zahra has always written poems since the age of 9.

In 2012 she started & finished her first novel ‘My Love is Blind’. It was published online on several platforms via a new book publisher. Her next novel which followed soon after in the same year was ‘Opposites Attract’. Both are stand-alone contemporary romances based in her birth city, Karachi, Pakistan.

A year after the publisher went bankrupt, Zahra redesigned the artwork along with covers and republished them in 2015 via Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing.

Today the titles are still available at Amazon in Kindle eBook, Paperback and Large Print editions.

You can purchase both novels directly from Amazon marketplaces.

My Love is Blind

They say that love is blind and marriage is a real eye opener, but what happens when you are forced to open your eyes before the marriage? Will your love survive the test?

Falling in love and getting engaged to Brooke Mathews is the best thing that has happened to Harris Amin, a budding photographer and long time professor at Brooklyn University. Brooke too is over the moon and thrilled at marrying the guy of her dreams, so what if she hardly knows his family or they are 9 time zones away right after the engagement.

The day Harris stops calling her or replying texts is when alarm bells start ringing inside Brooke’s head. Hurrying back to NYC from her business trip, she is shocked to discover that Harris has moved out and gone back to Pakistan. Armed with only the knowledge of his family name, a place of work where his brother works and the name of his city, Brooke sets off on the journey of her lifetime to get to the truth. But when she comes face to face with her love, will it be enough to survive the truth?

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Opposites Attract

Opposites Attract - Zahra Habib Novel

What if you discover to your sudden amazement that the one person you were meant to hate forever was destined to be the love of your life and yet you were about to marry someone else?

Such is the dilemma faced by Fahad Mubashir who has been playing pranks on the girl next door Ayza Asher since they were 5 years old. For Ayza, the feeling was very much mutual since she wasn’t an angel to Fahad either. She too is shocked to discover the complete turnaround that her feelings have taken ever since the woman came in the picture.

Fahad and Ayza are now faced with the insurmountable task of making the other believe that this time around there’s no prank or hidden camera. For, if the two don’t pull their act together, the biggest joke will be on them.

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