When I was Burning

Reality based recollection of a survivor of psychological abuse translated into a poetic formation to show the injustice she suffered as "burning"

Appreciating Self-Worth

What is self-worth and how can educational institutes help appreciate children as the grow up because their perception of themselves help shape their future

Finding Inner Peace

Making a decision about tough choices is difficult especially when the consequences are grave and ghastly. So, here is a though process you can try

Art of E-Book Self-publishing

What is the art of ebook self-publishing? And what it involves and the steps you will need to take. That's all here. The basics with its details

Basics of ISBN

An ISBN is a number that is internationally recognised in order to catalog your book. Also sharing how to get your unique ISBN

Three Magical Words

The thing is, perfect people don’t exist, but there’s always that one person who is perfect for you. So how to find them? You don't. You just recognise them