George Elliot once wrote “I like not only to be loved, but also to be told I am loved”, which proves that we are all well aware of the importance of saying the three magical words of love. We know this because deep down we are pretty sure that if we don’t say it; our beloved will either never know how we feel or, if we don’t repeat it over and over again, he might just forget that we are still very much in love.

Nobody is perfect, period. If someone is claiming to be so, chances are that they are lying about a few things. But being perfect has actually nothing to do with whom you love and whom your heart chooses not to. Yet, if there is a chance that someone out there can make you laugh at least once, cause you to think twice, and if they admit to being human and making mistakes, hold onto them and give them the most you can. They may never quote verses, they may not think about you every moment of their time, but they will give you a part of themselves that they know you could break – and that, is trust. Breaking that trust will hurt them.

Similarly, changing them will change the dimension of their existence so don’t expect for more than what they can give. Don’t analyze, don’t change a thing, instead, smile and laugh away the foolish mistakes they makes because Lord knows how many you make and they let them go.

The thing is, perfect people don’t exist, but there’s always that one person who is perfect for you.

Almost all novels & movies out there portray their leading characters as someone to be admired, and why shouldn’t they, they are after all the heroes of the novel but do notice that all of them have a flaw or two which their better half chooses to ignore. Take the book Harry Potter into consideration, Ron and Hermione were a pair but look at their opposite personalities! Hermione was a better than a brilliant student and she used to have everything planned from before, unlike Ron, who couldn’t even perform a single spell correctly yet (spoiler alert!) he did manage to open the door leading to the Chamber of Secrets without Harry being around. So everyone has their strengths and weaknesses but, what counts is if you are prepared to overlook their follies & accept them for who they are and aren’t … or would you still prefer to taunt the heck out of the other person because you haven’t gotten over your  ‘xyz issues’.

Clive S. Lewis had once written that ‘to love at all is to be vulnerable’ and this stands true because the second you speak the three magical words, you are open to a possible hurting scenario, in fact be prepared, because your heart will get wrung and even possibly broken.

If you think you want to keep your heart safe and intact, and you feel you are above it all then you must give your heart to no one and this includes pets. Continue your merry way to selfishness but don’t expect anyone to stand next to you for long. People will come in your life, knock at your door, wait for a response and then back away… some may even be polite enough to wait a little longer but mistaking their patience for unconditional love is simply being thick in the head. Get over it. You don’t want someone; chances are nobody will want you either.

Yet, if you decide to take the leap of faith; love the person for not only who they are, but for person you become when you are with them, because life ultimately is about improving yourself.

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