Figuring out what you want is not easy, what’s more, difficult is accepting it. If that’s such a hard thing to do then following it becomes either easy or difficult depending on your ‘want.’

You love someone, you know it — but to realize that you don’t just love anymore but are ‘in-love’ changes everything. It becomes an entirely different ball game. You are open to hundred options — the inevitable pro con list comes out, and you begin to weigh which side should be picked.

Suddenly the ‘hello’ which just brought a smile on your face a week ago, starts to vibrate inside your heart, and you are like ‘shit! Why the heck is my heart pounding?’ You want to reply quickly and also delay the simple ‘hi.’ Why does this happen? Why can’t the strongest and most powerful force in the world be easy and not be difficult? The answer is, if its being difficult then you are not picking the right option. Peace follows once you choose the right path.

Always remember this.

Be it a divorce, marriage, a resignation, a refusal… even choosing to walk away from someone you love. If you are at peace with your decision, and it doesn’t haunt you for the next 41 days, know that you have made the right decision. If however, you begin to question or doubt your choice, then know that you have made an error in picking your side.

There are battles, battles in our life which don’t require guns or ammunition, but they are battles nonetheless. We battle weather to visit someone or not, give them something or not, answer back or keep quiet, hug it out and make peace or hold your ground. The answer is always simple, and you almost always know it in your heart but in the case that you don’t know, the right choice is the one with the most difficulties.

How is it that the right choice brings peace and also puts us on a difficult path? The answer is complicated. Firstly, Inner peace and difficult path are two different things. You will always have the strength to fight your battles if you are at peace with your decision. And no matter how long the battle lasts, you will never doubt your decision.

Think about it for a minute or two. Marriage, job, divorce… these are all huge decisions but if you are questioning your choice, and chances are, you already know that you picked the wrong path. But if the decision is right, a string of horrible bosses, prolonged court proceedings stretching over 10 years or an emotionally draining marriage, none of it will make a difference — because you are at peace.

The world can go around thinking that you are brave to withstand a painful divorce and a prolonged custody battle but in reality, you are just at ease. At ease with what’s being thrown at you and at peace with your decision. Inner peace is your biggest and only ally when you are facing challenges and a strong opposition.

But what do you do when you are faced with two unyielding opinions within your self? Do you give-in to your heart or do you stand by the rational choice of your mind? The answer is, you first try picking the morally right path. Heart and mind can keep the battle going for eternity. The decision, the challenges that follow it and the unsettling nights will all eventually fade away. To some extent anyway. And, if the moral choice is not suiting you, you always have the option to change your decision.

The heart always knows how to fix situations, and there is a high chance that you never burned the bridge so, walk on that bridge, fix your situation and feel the inner peace.

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